My life has included yoga for over two decades now, and for the last five years I have dedicated my time to teaching, and practicing, yoga and ayurveda, which is something that have grown to become a clear decision. While I had that desire for some time I also had a work history in, among others, the global IT industry, insurance and shipping, where the tempo is high and the multitasking necessary. Why I coped with this high performing lifestyle, but more importantly why I took the decision to change, is the life philosophy that yoga, meditation and ayurveda offer.

The more I felt the positive impacts it had om my health and life, the more I wanted to know,, understand and let go. It isn’t always an easy road to travel since a lot of our well-being comes from taking a good look at your self, choose what to keep and what to change. Both in regards to how you act and how your thinking patterns are created, but the result is way too good to not keep going.

The most fantastic thing for me is that I don’t always have to know why I have been feeling a certain way, or why I have acted as I did, or felt the way I did, but just continue with my practice, rest and meditate so that both my body and mind changed focus and experience,, which in turn changes the way I behave, act and think.

To chose, to give it time

It’s ok to give things time, to give yourself space. When I was at the peak in my former job my meditation and yoga practice was always the first thing to be erased from my calendar when it got too busy. I never even thought to ask if we could book another time, say that I already had an appointment (with me!), or that I actually could say no to a business trip or if we could wait an hour if someone needed my decision or my input. Today I give myself time without feeling stressed or feeling bad for doing so. Also, not only do I feel much better and am calmer inside, I also have even more time for others. When looking at it today, indirectly my behavior then showed that I didn’t think that I was as important as others, so when I don’t think that why should others.. When you know and believe that you are as important, not more but not less important either, but equally important, both you and those around you feel better. 

For me this had to take the years that it took, which is a part of this beautiful life philosophy, to find this great feeling that I am where I should be right now, I am who I should be, and I’m doing what I should do, To find that interaction and balance between the inner and outer awareness, to set intentions and goals without clinging to a specific result, but see where it leads. Perhaps the result might not be what I hope or think, maybe it’s greater than I ever could imagine, maybe not, but the way you relate to the results that decides what happens.

With AyYo App I like to share parts of what I have learnt so far, to offer you who perhaps like me, now travel a lot, work a lot, prioritse others lot or just doesn’t feel that you have the time to give yourself me-time once a day, the possibility to gain what I did. If you have 3 minutes you can listen in to one of the exercises, and just breath, or if you like more that is possible too with the pre-made sessions, and it can be done at home, in a hotel room, when you travel or in the office, My wish is that AyYo App can contribute as one of the tools to make a positive change to your life.