Heléns Education Yoga & Ayurveda

YOGA – E-RYT 500

  • ISHTA – through an integration of hatha, tantra and ayurveda ISHTA offers the possibility to reach the highest wellbeing for the individual. The vision is ”To be able to show individuals to an understanding of who they are, and how to be still and content in an ever changing world; both inside and outside. Also show that yoga is a science, not a religion.” (Teachers Training 300 h and Meditation, Yoga Nidra & the Chakras as well as Marma Theraphy – diploma)
  • YIN – a focus lies on the yin parts of the body such as the schelleton, myo-fascia,  fascia, ligaments, inner organs and the so called meridians and nadis. The positions that are held for several minutes are mostly held sitting or lying down while practising mindfulness. No exstensive stretches but relaxation and letting go. That is how you get deeper into a so called passive stretch. (yinyoga and chinese medicin – diploma) yinyoga for athlets (YYFA – diploma)
  • Virya – dynamic form in ten modules are included in each class, such as balance, back bending and forward folds etc., the main idea is that yoga gives a methodical and joyful way to strengh and happiness in body and mind. Each position builds on to the former one to work in a strenghtning and careful way. Biomecanics is an important component. (Teachers Training 200 h and dosha yoga, practical anathomy – diploma) 

AYURVEDA – health advisor

  • Modul 1-3 – ”ayurveda in your every day life” gives basic concrete advice as well as an understanding for the dosha qulaities and the possible ways you can prevent illness. (diploma)
  • Modul 4-10 – ”ayurvedic in depth knowledge” gives a theoretical knowledge for how body, mind and soul are connected in the ayurvedic sience. Philosophy, anathomy, body tissues, agni, medicine, herbs, but also pratical knowledge in reading of different pulses, consultations, and much more. Examination via both theoretical tests and several consultations with clients. (diploma)
  • Marma Theraphy – ISHTA Marma is based on traditional ayurvedic wisdom and reduces stress in muscles, tissues, fascia and vital points in your body. (diploma)
  • Ayurvedic Yogamassage – Ayurvedic massage & yoga based stretching stimulates the body to regain its natural health, vitality with an increased movability. It is conducted on the floor using both hands and feet. A small amount of oil is used to warm up the body before the stretching. A full body treatment takes approx 80 minutes. (Axelsons – diploma)