Personal training

It’s becoming more and more popular with personal development, either purely tangible physical change or mentally with self-confidence and reaching goals. You should almost always identify where you stand today and then decide where you want to go. Together with a personal trainer, coach or therapist, you get exercises and guidance along the way, you are taken care of. If you want to work with mental change, there are also psychologists and alternative treatment methods. The choices are many. What is important, no matter what you choose, is that you have to do it yourself. It may sound tough, not having someone else to lean on, or even maybe. blame the success rate on. But, this is how you should use your coach or the one you have chosen for support, they provide a basis for you to consider, take advantage of, to more easily be able to reach the best way for you to stay well.

In ayurveda, and yoga, one strives to dissolve inner resistance and obstacles, not to force them away, ignore or alleviate symptoms, because the obstacles / problems then only come back with even more force. Dissolving or removing obstacles is not always easy. It can be something that you have carried with you for many, many years, that you may even have started to say “yes but I’m like that ‘there is nothing to do about it’ even though you do not feel good about, or like, it . It might t.o.m. is so that the journey starts with finding out what the obstacle is, which can also be a laborious, but interesting, journey. This can apply to both physical and mental imbalance. 

Only you can be the perfect you.  Then you contribute what you are and can. Others with other. No comparisons, nothing better or worse. Everyone is needed. Just as described with the five elements, all are required for life; space, air, fire, water and earth. It takes differences to develop, germinate, make room for the next generation, and so on.

What I think is super important to remember is that you have to do the job yourself, not hand over the responsibility to someone else. I usually say that you sign a contract with yourself. It is usually inspiring and rewarding to start, and to do, the journey to balance, but sometimes you find it unbearable and unfair, lonely and not worth it. Then it is important to persevere, know how to really work and give yourself praise, time, kick in the ass, ask for advice, be able to receive help and not be too hard on yourself. Most important of all is to feel that you are just as important. Not more important. But no less important. As important as others and other things. It sounds easy but can be difficult.

Quite a few of us, when it gets stressful and many things have to catch up, then you choose not to prioritize time for yourself. There can be many reasons for this, but the most common I have experienced so far, when you get to the root of the dilemma, is that you do not see your own time as important as giving time to all the other “more important” things, the people, the jobs or anything else that attracts attention.

The idea with the AyYo App is to give you a guide, either fully in finished sessions, or that you with the help of the exercise library choose what you want to include in your own sessions. There are also tips on some recipes if you would like to try it.

If you like you are more than welcome to book one-on-ones where you will get a suggested plan, either for you to work on yourself, or if you like, to continue together.