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FREE 3-Day Yin Yoga Challenge For Busy People

Are You Ready To Reset Your Exhausted Body And Unlock Your Overly Wired Mind?

Join the Yin Your Body and Mind Challenge and get tools to help you reduce stress, feel vitalized, and smile within.
Yin Your Body and Mind Challenge
June 8-10 | 5 pm CET, 11 am EDT

3 Days, 3 Yin Yoga Classes, 3 New Experiences

(Each class is between 20-30 minutes long. The only equipment you need is a blanket, a pillow / rolled up duvet and two thick books / blocks.)

In this 3-day challenge you will:

  • Use yin yoga as a tool to relax, to vitalize and to smile and discover how the same pose can offer you a different state of mind and which works for you
  • Learn how to do poses that will help you cope with stress, irritation, and lethargy so you can feel more balanced and enhance your mental focus
  • Deepen your knowledge of the five elements and the qualities of kapha, pitta, and vata and the role they play in the balance of your life
  • Understand how the fascia can help you to strengthen, find flexibility and stability in the physical body
  • Find ways to unlock your mind when you’re stuck or too wired so you can release tension and feel more calm

About Your Guide, Helen

After Helen saw what a difference her soon 20 years of practice and studies in yoga and ayurveda made to her life, she left a high performance, stressful job in the corporate world and started her company in 2015. Her goal is to pass on the transformative practice of ayurveda and yin yoga to others going through the same hectic lifestyle or feeling stuck in a route that is not to their liking. In 2018 she launched her ayurveda & yoga app, in Swedish, and is now working to get it up and running also for English speakers 

Helen holds an E-RYT 500 & YACEP certification with diplomas in ISHTA (hatha meditation, nidra restore, etc.), YIN (yin), and Nordic Yoga Institute (hatha, dosha yoga). She is also an Ayurveda Health Advisor with diplomas from Human Health and Axelsons for Ayurvedic Yoga massage. 

This 3-day Yin Your Body and Mind Challenge will give you a look into the transformative power of yin yoga and ayurveda for your life.