FREE Balanced Life Toolkit for Busy Professionals

Isn’t It Time To Say Yes To Living A Balanced Life In Body, Mind, and Soul?

Build a healthier mind and body (based on who you are) with an ayurveda and yin yoga lifestyle that helps you meet whatever happens in life with greater ease.

In the FREE Balanced Life Toolkit, you will:

Complete a short quiz to identify which unique dosha (energy) type is predominant in you so you can learn how to live according to who you are.

Discover how your unique dosha type affects your emotional and physical health so you can plan a routine that works in harmony with your body.

Get recommendations for diet, exercise and daily routines that work with your unique dosha type to help you live a life in balance.

Learn one yin yoga pose that works well for your dosha type so you can improve stability, increase fluidity in joints and encourage energy flow.

About Your Guide

Helen left a high performance job in the corporate industry that included 60-70 hour work weeks and lots of stress. Since she saw what a difference her practice and studies in yoga and ayurveda made to her life, in 2015, she started her company to be able to pass on the transformative practice of ayurveda and yin yoga to others going through the same hectic lifestyle or stuck in a route that was not to their liking. 

Helen holds an E-RYT 500 & YACEP certification with diplomas in ISHTA (hatha meditation, nidra restore, etc.), YIN (yin), and Nordic Yoga Institute (hatha, dosha yoga). She is also an Ayurvedic Health Advisor with diplomas from Human Health and Axelsons for Ayurvedic Yoga massage. 

In 2018 she created the AyYo APP to help others have the tools to make a positive change in their life through improved health and life balance, even when time is short and they are on the go.