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A Yin Yoga & Ayurveda course

for anyone who's tired of the rat-race and ready to relieve stress, relax, and have a bit of fun or yoga teachers looking to add a new tool to their teacher toolkit …

Are You Ready To Stop Living Life According To Others’ Expectations And Start Living It According To Who YOU Are?

Get to the root of who you are and discover how to make the changes that are aligned with the real you, to find balance, live your fullest life and make contributions based on your own uniqueness.

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Are you…

  • Fed up with always running a schedule set by others, and although it looks like you’re living the dream life, you’re not?
  • Realizing that the life you’re living doesn’t feel quite right and you want something different, but you aren’t sure what that looks like?
  • Feeling too much stress and finding too little time for yourself, and the demands of your life have removed the enjoyment and fulfillment life is meant to provide?
  • Seeking ways to alleviate stress and strong emotions so you can finally have fun and enjoy life in a new light?

I’m Helen, and I’ve been in that exact situation, working stress-filled 60-70 hour weeks and having no time for myself or anything else. I knew my life was out of balance but I didn’t know how to break free. 

Then, I discovered Ayurveda and yoga. The change that happened from the inside was profound and that prompted me to quit my corporate job and begin teaching others how to live a life they were meant to live.  

I learned that when you live a life in balance, according to who you are, you can:

I want that for you, too, and that’s why I created…

Tools For A Life In Balance

Tools For A Life In Balance is a 4-week live and pre-recorded online program that will help you find balance in your life, based on who you are, with the help of Ayurveda and yin yoga practices so you can restore and keep balance no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

You Will:


Know what to do to restore and keep your unique balance based on your dosha and what you need so you can notice in an early stage when you need to take time for you so you can be there for others


Find what your unique energy and body / mind combinations are and how or if the surroundings affect you and you them so you can live a life based on who you are


Release tension and stress in just 3 minutes per day so you can be your best self despite any situation you face


Gain access to balancing yoga poses and create your own mini-toolkit for you to use at home, at work, when traveling or anytime you need it


Get personalized Ayurvedic analysis advice in a 1:1 coaching session so you can have a personalised plan and direction that fits your life situation right now

What Makes Tools For A Life In Balance Different?

Get an overview of the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Yin Yoga and gain access to tools that can be used in just a few minutes a day to improve your overall well-being and that can be built on in an accessible, easy way!

  • Learn easy to use techniques to relax and energize
  • Find explanations to why you sometimes act the way you act
  • Know how to release tension to break unwanted patterns
  • Discover ways to embrace and introduce life changes
  • Get a model to find out your true purpose 
  • Realize the love in sharing what is uniquely you 
  • Gain an understanding of why others sometimes act the way they act
  • See the benefit in different perspectives and how we all work together

Here’s How It Works

A Look Inside Tools For A Life In Balance

(Course starts 26 June and ends 25 July)

Week 1: Finding Your Purpose

Focus on the head (your control center)

  • Gain an understanding of the 5 elements, 3 doshas, 3 gunas, and the fascia
  • Starting with the crown and the control centre focus
  • Use the dharma wheel to find out how you can live the way that is meant for you and to find your purpose
  • Complete a Yin Your Mind class and use meditation to find more balance and understanding

Week 2: Breathing to the Situation

Focus on throat and heart (your vata: space and air)

  • Discover how to practice for and with vata for balance 
  • Complete a Yin as a Feather class to lower vata and be a vata
  • Practice breathwork at the heart so you can stay light 
  • Find out how to use each dosha to create a balanced life

Week 3: Release the Energy Flow

Focus on belly and lower back (your pitta: fire and a little water)

  • Learn how to create and keep a healthy fire as you learn to practice for and with pitta
  • Complete a Yin with a Twist class to lower pitta and be a pitta
  • Discover how to use breathwork and use your own fire if you want to have more or less pitta within

Week 4: Claim Your Space

Focus on hips, legs, and feet (your kapha: water and earth)

You Will:

  • Look into the energy you need to calm down, take a step back, think through and nurture to stay grounded when you practise for and with kapha
  • Complete a Yin Your Feet and Get the Beat class to lower kapha and be a kapha
  • Discover a method you can use to find grounding very quickly if nerves, stress, and strong emotions arise

Special Bonus

DISCOUNT on additional 1: 1 Ayurveda Coaching Sessions and Accountability with Helen

Here’s Everything Included Inside Your Tools For A Life In Balance Program

Total Value = $ 710 | 7 030.00 SEK

Your Investment ONLY $ 397 USD
3 930.00

Enrollment for Tools For A Life In Balance ends on 25 June


Easy monthly payments

3 Easy Payments

$140 USD | 1 385.00 SEK


Best value!

1 Easy Payments

$ 397 USD | 3 930.00 SEK

If You Prefer to Pay Via Invoice, email info@ayyoapp.com

“Helen has a calm and pleasant voice that rocks me into peace. It captures my body in a way that a few voices do. There are those who are calm but who have the opposite effect on me where I want to squirt with my whole body or even want to leave. It’s an art to be on the right level with a combo of lightness but still grounded energy, some are not genuine in their calm instead they have a forced calm or are sluggish, it creates a resistance in me, but Helen is unpretentious, down to earth and joyful and her happiness is contagious.

Ann, 59 years

Rocks Me Into Peace

“Was initially a little skeptical to be honest, came to my first class because I knew who Helen was and was recommended to try her yin yoga. And there I was, realizing that it was a really nice moment. I was reminded of how important it is to be present. it was also a lesson, not to have preconceived notions. So lucky that I tried, and it makes me come back, again and again and again!

Carl, 49 years

Skeptic to Believer

“When I learned that we would have our first child, I was in the middle of a brilliant career, and really wanted to continue. I was advised to start with yin yoga. A little nervous, I went to the first class and was surprised, there was a motley crowd of young, old, women, men and even two other pregnant women. Imagine my surprise when we all got suggestions, that suited us, on how it could be done, and not only that, it was exactly what I needed; a moment just for me without any pressure to perform, just to be.”

Maria, 32 years

A Moment Just for Me

About Your Instructor

When Helen saw what a difference her practice and studies in yoga and Ayurveda made to her own life, she left a high performance, stressful job in the corporate world and in 2015 started her company. Her mission is to pass on the transformative practice of Ayurveda and yin yoga to others going through the same hectic lifestyle or stuck in a route that is not to their liking. 

In 2018, she created the AyYo APP to help others have the tools to make a positive change in their lives through improved health and life balance, even when time is short and they are on the go. While it was launched in Swedish, she is now working to get it up and running also for English speakers.

Helen holds an E-RYT 500 & YACEP certification with diplomas in ISHTA (Hatha meditation, Nidra restore, etc.), YIN (yin), and Nordic Yoga Institute (Hatha, dosha yoga). She is also an Ayurveda Health Advisor with diplomas from Human Health and Axelsons for Ayurvedic Yoga massage. 

She has now taken her knowledge and created Tools For A Life In Balance to help you create balance in your life through Ayurveda and yin yoga.

Questions You Might Have

This course is for anyone who’s ready to relieve stress, relax, have a bit of fun, and live in balance. It would also be a perfect addition to a yoga teacher’s toolbox, providing your students with a new tool from an Ayurveda and yin yoga perspective.

No, this course will help you figure out your doshas and identify what will work best for you in your life. In week one we will cover the basics and you do not need prior experience.

Each week you will have 1 live virtual yin class, 1 pre-recorded theory class, and 1 simple task to implement into your daily life. You will be able to complete each module in about 5 hours per week. The 1: 1 call will last between 1-1½ hours.

This course is created for you to get the most benefit from it as possible. By completing the course each week and booking your 1: 1 call, you will get the most out of it. When we’re talking about a life change, we do not want to let it sit unused on your desktop! When the course is complete, you will have access for one month as you adjust to your new Ayurveda and yin yoga lifestyle.

We will complete an Ayurvedic analysis by discussing your situations, how you live, where you are at, how much time you have to yourself, what you eat, and a variety of other questions. I will then make recommendations on how to adapt your life based on the Ayurvedic & yogic ways of approaching life.

You will have the opportunity to book additional calls at a DISCOUNT to continue coaching and accountability if you choose.

  • 5 calls booked at once valid for 3 months regularly $ 480; YOUR COST = ONLY $ 400 USD | 3 960 SEK
  • 10 calls booked at once valid for 6 months regularly $ 860 l YOUR COST = ONLY $ 780 USD | 7 722 SEK

The class begins on 26 June and ends on 17 July. One module will be released each week. You will have one week to watch the pre-recorded lecture, 48 hours to complete the on-demand yin class, and book your call within the duration of the course.

Enrollment for Toolkit For A Life In Balance ends on 25 June


Easy monthly payments

3 Easy Payments

$140 USD | 1 385.00 SEK


Best value!

1 Easy Payments

$ 397 USD | 3 930.00 SEK

If You Prefer to Pay Via Invoice, email info@ayyoapp.com